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Secret Bar Tour in Kyiv
There are different places to drink in Kyiv. But I will show you only the best of the best. Some of this places are secret, some of them are speakeasy bars, couple of them you can get in only if you know the owner or you know somebody who knows the owner - but all of this bars are legendary places everyone should visit! All the program to visit best Kyiv bars is from 3 to 6 hours. With degustation of the best cocktails. I can grab you in your hotel or apartment and will take to this unforgettable journey: i will introduce you to the owners or best bartenders, Ill tell you the secrets of preparing the most awesome and exquisite cocktails you ever try and of course we will try all of them! Other things to note We will visit cocktail places and we will drink best cocktails - it will be the best evening and night in Kyiv ever!
Bike tour along the sea coast of Odessa©
I ask for help! Thank you very much, dear friends and all friends of the Airbnb community for your support and love for Ukraine Велосипед научил Эрнеста Хемингуэя путешествовать, подарил Лэнсу Армстронгу ощущение счастья и открыл всепрощение для Аль Пачино. Предлагаю вам открыть собственные неповторимые впечатления и познакомиться с уникальными местами на морском побережье в Одессе, которые зачастую спрятаны от путешественников. Я постараюсь чтобы у вас было чувство как будто вы отправились на прогулку в компании новых друзей. Вы готовы к открытиям? Тогда все что необходимо у нас есть. И я с удовольствием поделюсь с вами страстью к здоровому образу жизни, велосипедным прогулкам и свежему морскому воздуху. Остановившись по пути, я поделюсь некоторыми интересными рассказами. Пешеходная и велосипедная Трасса Здоровья протянулась вдоль морского побережья Одессы . Ее расстояние более 20 км. Мы же с вами увидим самые интересные участки морского побережья и Трассы Здоровья от набережной Немо и Ланжерона до внешней границы Аркадии. Расстояние нашей поездки около 7 км. Старт в самом центре Одессы - Александровский проспект на пересечении с улицей Бунина. Далее через парк Шевченко и спустимся к морю на набережную Немо где и начинается Трасса Здоровья. Вернемся в центр города. Время поездки около 3-4 х часов. We speak English.
Walk & Eat Kyiv
It is a 4-hour walking and tasting tour that includes my top picks of eating and drinking places in Kyiv, that are very popular among locals. It will start near the Golden Gate Museum - one of the ancient symbols of Kyiv. I will then guide you to local places with exceptional food and drinks in the heart of the city. Then, we will go to one of the oldest and trendiest areas in Kyiv - Podil, and finish our tour near Poshtova Square. The tour represents a wide range of Ukrainian cuisine and you will have an opportunity to taste and enjoy unique dishes from Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, and Kharkiv. All food and drinks are included! We will experience being in various local communities: Kyiv coffee lovers, Kyiv sellers at one of the oldest markets in the city, etc. We will be walking around the city centre, enjoying amazing views of beautiful Kyiv and avoiding the crowds of tourists. Please, wear comfortable shoes! and don't forget an umbrella in case it rains! After the tour, you will get a digital list with all my recommendations of great eating and drinking places in Kyiv, broken down into categories. I hope it will allow you to continue exploring the tastes of the capital. Get a chance to enjoy picturesque and delicious Kyiv as locals do! Please note: The tour is weather-dependent. Don't forget your umbrella if necessary. In case of an air-raid alarm, we will go to the bomb shelter.
Cinematic photoshoot and excursion in Kyiv
During a walk around Kiev, we will stop to take photos on some hidden or local Kyiv spots depending on what look your going for. . so that after the trip you will receive an amazing photos about your trip to Kiev. Our journey begins with delicious coffee and dating. There we will discuss in more detail our way. And let's go on a short trip during which I will telling a few stories about old Kyiv Other things to note If you have any questions, ask me and i will respond right away! if you want to shoot anywhere else let me know.)
Ukraine Through Wine & Food plus walking in a Soviet park
One of the most popular AirBnB Experiences in a new edition: past and present of Ukraine and its wines in one tour. It takes place at VDNG - abbreviation of Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy in Soviet time or National Expocenter of Ukraine today. It's a grandiose complex of buildings and a park a bit away from the city center but easily reachable by metro or taxi. In the beginning, we will have a walk around the complex. You'll see its impressive architecture and learn some facts about its Soviet past and present history. At the point we'll also start talking about Ukrainian winemaking, which has a pretty long and interesting history, too. Then we'll proceed to a wine club based on VDNG territory for the tasting itself. I know the owner, and he lets me organize my tastings in his premises. Plus, he's one of the best Ukrainian winemakers, and we'll taste his wines, too. If you're hungry, you can also eat there. During the tasting you will learn even more about the industry: about Ukrainian wine regions, the present state of its development, where else should go, which wineries to visit, and so on. After the tour, you will get a PDF of my short guide around some interesting & tasty places to visit in Kyiv plus a list of wines you should try, and where to buy them.

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Portrait photography in photo studio
You will get professional creative or business (corporative) portraits in interior photo studio. Our photo shoot for business (corporate) portraits for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or other accounts. Photo shoot in the studio is available for anybody, be it a blogger or a photographer or a family with children. You will be the model. P.S. If you want to have a master class (describing what I do and why as a photographer) during photo shooting, you need to tell that before photo shooting.
Most interesting wine places in Kyiv
Hi, my name is Artem and I am a bar blogger and restaurant critic. I know everything about the institutions of Kyiv, more than any other person, and as part of this wine tour, I will show you the best wine places in the capital of Ukraine. The best wine bars, secret and not so, the aesthetics of wine consumption, meeting sommeliers, stories about local wines, possible tastings of certain types of wines. As well as wine rules, sparkling and still, white and red, classic and natural wild wines - this is all that awaits you as part of our wine tour in Kyiv.
Tour privado en español por Kyiv
Durante este tour visitaremos la Plaza de la Independencia (Maidan Nezalezhnosti), la Catedral de San Miguel de las Cúpulas Doradas, vamos a ver la vista a la ciudad cerca de la Iglesia de San Andres. Visitaremos la Catedral de Santa Sofía, la Puerta dorada, Andriyivski Uzviz, la Calle Khreshchatyk... Y MUCHOS OTROS :) Otros aspectos destacables Despues del tour tu vas a saber todo sobre Kyiv. Haré todo lo posible para que tengas la mejor experiencia conociendo esta increible ciudad de manera amena junto a tus seres queridos:)
Арт-терапія хорошого настрою.
1)15-20хв.-Знайомства групи між собою(коротка розмова про те хто який досвід має в живописі і що хотів би спробувати,тоб то визначається тема майстеркласу:натюрморт,пейзаж,і так далі.) 2)10хв.-Короткий опис матеріалів,якими створюється картина. 3)1 год.-Опрацювання масляними фарбами холста ,спочатку художником для прикладу,а потім кожен учасник безпосередньо свого полотна до повного завершення базової основи. 4)30-40хв.-Гості плавно переходять до частування напитками з солодощами,даючи можливість впитатись фарбі на полотні,щоб перейти до наступного етапу. 5)1 год.-Учасники пробують отримати кольорову гаму у підтримці з художником.Починаємо планове навантаження картини наближаючи до її завершення. 6)15-20хв.-Короткий підсумок майстер класу(огляд картини в рамі,кожного з учасників у супроводі з обговоренням вражень.)Фото групи із своїми роботами.
Trip to Chernobyl Zone
Me and my co-host are certified guides from the State Chernobyl Zone Information Agency. You know today we got a war with russian and belorussian terrorists. Ukraine is fighting. Definitely, I cannot provide any trips. But if you would like to donate some money to Ukrainians suffering because of russian aggression, you are welcome to buy a tour. Thank you and god bless you.
Secret Bar Tour in Kyiv
There are different places to drink in Kyiv. But I will show you only the best of the best. Some of this places are secret, some of them are speakeasy bars, couple of them you can get in only if you know the owner or you know somebody who knows the owner - but all of this bars are legendary places everyone should visit! All the program to visit best Kyiv bars is from 3 to 6 hours. With degustation of the best cocktails. I can grab you in your hotel or apartment and will take to this unforgettable journey: i will introduce you to the owners or best bartenders, Ill tell you the secrets of preparing the most awesome and exquisite cocktails you ever try and of course we will try all of them! Other things to note We will visit cocktail places and we will drink best cocktails - it will be the best evening and night in Kyiv ever!
Street eats, hidden drinks, cool walks
We'll hit some of the brightest landmarks of the center to learn more about Kyiv's history, architecture and lifestyle! AND we'll make several stops to grab authentic street food and drink at hidden places on our way ! No burgers, no falafels - only typical local things. I will tell you interesting facts about the sights we'll see while walking, so it is not just about food- it is about knowing the city!:) We'll start our experience at the heart of Kyiv with a legendary Soviet speciality. It exists for 38 years & it was the first fast food in the city :) We'll see a spot where the Chernobyl TV series was filmed and continue our walk through a labyrynth of yards with a Muslim garden and an unexpected street art. We'll drink coffee in a hidden hipster place where they play chess, ping pong, feed birds or are immerced in computer screens. We 'll try traditional baked pyrizhky with curious fillings and kompot at an iconic location, that opened almost right after the World War II. We'll sit on a bench in the park, hugging one of the cutest retro-monuments and eating a traditional Ukrainian bite. We'll continue in a hidden coffee shop, a meetup place for artistic and creative minds. We'll finish at a colorful market to taste caviar, salo & home-made things :) See you!
Street art hunters
I will take you to a labyrinth of lanes, yards, curved alleys and corners that surprise you every 20 steps with murals, weird street installations, sentimental sculptures, galleries, creative posters and hipster hangouts. Kyiv is among TOP street art hotspots in the world now, rich in provocative, fun, patriotic and socially conscious artwork. Murals are only a part of our walk - we will also see cool works made of wire, dry trees, forks and nails, mosaics, stone, paper, iron, kitchen utensils, plaster. And a recent trend in Kyiv- mini street art. Among highlights of the tour, we'll see and decipher: • Stimpank installation financed by police! • Revolutionary and patriotic murals annd mosaics • ART park with weird installations • Mini-monuments and applications that could fit on the palm of your hand • A place where every guy wants to take a picture • The “golden sink” fountain • Animal art melting your heart :) • Optical illusion • The narrowest street of Kyiv • Relationships mural that will make you laugh • Works by Guido van Helten and Fintan Magee!! • Hipster street with secret coffee shops, art gallery and concept stores • Pagan idols where modern pagans still pray and bring sacrifice And many other cool spots. Let's get closer to the modern art and culture of Ukraine.
Lviv old city walking tour
Discover Lviv - a medieval multicultural metropolis with multiple faces and hear the tales and legends of different peoples who once lived here. During this tour you will find out • where the smallest city square in Ukraine is • which church dome is made of clay pots and why • what was the punishment for gambling and cursing • who was called Golden Rose • which place was watched by KGB 24/7 and where the hippies of Lviv drank coffee We start at the Rynok Square, the heart and soul of the town, a site of festivals and fairs. You are going to find out why Lviv was a melting pot of many cultures and why it was once called the port of two seas. You’ll hear the stories of kings and magnates in the magnificent Renaissance Merchant’s Palace and learn about the extraordinary life of its owners. We’ll stumble upon ancient gods and heroes created by a genius Austrian sculptor. Then, we're going to discover a patchwork of ethnic precincts of medieval town. We're going to walk through the Latin quarter with its eclectic cathedral and mysterious Boim chapel; explore the Armenian culture in the ancient labyrinth of Armenian quarters and find out about the Ruthenians. We'll enter the Jewish quarters through its historical entrance – Porta Ruthenica.
Дегустация украинских вин
В ПОДДЕРЖКУ МИРА НА УКРАИНЕ Experience a testing with local wines. Гастрономический экстаз и 4 совершенных композиций локального вина с чисто одесскими продуктами. "ВСЕ ВКЛЮЧЕНО" 1. сорт Сухолиманский с запеченым перцем и брынзой 2. сорт Цитронный Магарач с чисто одесской "цацей" 3. сорт Одесский Черный с молдавской плачиндой 4. сорт Мускат Одесский и мороженное с фруктой Никакой скучной теории - просто знакомство с местной культурой и историей, кухней и винами. Для группы друзей, или по Вашему запросу, если Вы предпочитаете определенный сорт, сделаем подбор классических вин типа Каберне, Шардоне, Мерло от лучших производителей региона. Количество вина и сорта могут меняться в зависимости от количества участников дегустации. Мы можем провести тур для одного туриста или группы до 20 человек.
Tour en español por Kiev
Amigos, muchas gracias por su ayuda! La situación económicamente que tengo es bastante complicada. Encontrar trabajo en Ucrania es imposible ahora... Mucha gente me pregunta por qué no salgo de Ucrania. Pero yo no puedo... no puedo decir a la gente que quiero mucho "Adios", no puedo dejar mi novio (los hombres no pueden salir de Ucrania durante la guerra), todo lo que tengo está en Ucrania. Es mi país, es mi patria! Muchas gracias a todos por donaciones yo uso este dinero para comprar la comida y ayudar a la gente que está cerca de mi.
Secrets of Soviet architecture tour
We will start our experience with exploring so called "monsters of Soviet modernism", located outside of the central part of the city. It's an impressive university area,where buildings seem monstrous but beautiful at the same time. I'll show you huge Soviet facades and concrete relieves loaded with ideology, calling for the bright future and progress, fulll of symbolism and allusions. It is also a place where world-famous music bands and singers often shoot their music videos because of the unusual, monumental settings. Then we'll see an example of a massive brutalist architecture with its heavy and unusual forms. I’ll also show you the building that was featured in the famous Chernobyl series. Next, we'll walk into an area created in the past to demonstrate Soviet industrial and agricultural achievements. We'll discover richly decorated "stalinist empire style" buildings with Soviet symbols, emblems, awards, statues of workers and collective farmers. During this experince, you will learn curious facts about architecture, history and ideology of the past, as well as about the life of normal people and students in an off-center area. Other things to note This experince will be great for you, if you like exploring untouristic, off-the-beaten-track areas and if you're fond of architecture, symbolism and history.
Tour to Chernobyl
My friends, and we want to invite you to spend 1 day in the "last century", check everything on personal experience. We suggest visiting the dead city of Chernobyl. We will get acquainted with the city of Chernobyl, Pripyat, with a nuclear power plant, we will visit a huge facility built at the SRSR "Duga Radar", with the city of Pripyat This tour will charm you. The tour program can be changed depending on the daylight hours.
Photoshoot and juice coffee in Kiev
Мы встретимся в центре города и пойдем смотреть и фотографироваться, куда туристы, как правило, не ходят. Это очень красивые и необычные места, которые завоевывают сердце. Будем пить вкусный кофе и есть легендарный киевский орех. Также мы можем покататься на киевском фуникулере, метро и трамвае. Мы сделаем все, что вдохновляет и оставляет незабываемые впечатления о городе. В конце прогулки, помимо впечатлений, у вас будут классные фотографии, которые будут напоминать вам об этом дне. Другая важная информация Если у тебя есть какие-либо вопросы, спроси меня, и я сразу же отвечу! Если хочешь фотографироваться где-нибудь еще, дай мне знать.
Architecture lovers
Architecture fascinates me especially if it is unusual and hides interesting stories behind the walls. I will take you to an area overlooked by tourists, but rich in architectural gems & giants. We will admire the most mind-blowing house, built by the "Gaudi" of Kyiv, with fantastic concrete frogs, goats, elephants and rhinoceros looking at us from the walls and the roof. Your task will be to find a crocodile :) We’ll move on to Soviet giants forming a triangle of power. They can be loved or hated but rarely leave people indifeerent. Soviet modernism, neoclassicism , monumentalism, stalinist high risers, stalinist Empire style – we'll learn their differences, symbolism & secrets. We’ll move on to a royal palace, where zarinas used to rest and stroll, as Kyiv was considered a place of peace & spirituality. We’ll make a stop on our way to drink coffee at a place guarded by a huge lion, with a heavy door, wooden tables, soft light & the best selection of coffees. Maybe we’ll see an MP there? Among other highlights of the walk are: • lavish Art Nouveau mansions • theaters, towers & a fairy tale castle • former Lenin museum • controversial Soviet monuments • several “wish” places, making you smile • amazing panoramas • modern art installations & sentimental monuments Through architecture, our experience will help you better understand our history & mentality