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Best location! Japanestay Apartment Hotel Room 2
I-iyunithi yokuqasha ephelele · Izivakashi ezingu- 3 · imibhede engu-3 · Igumbi lokugezela elilodwa

Best location! Japanestay Apartment Hotel Room 2Japanestay is a newly built apartment located in a central area. This house offers you the best cultural experience of Takayama and an opportunity to "Travel as if You Live There."

Iqhugwane · Izivakashi ezingu- 8 · imibhede engu-0 · Amagumbi okugeza angu-1.5

『ゆったり99平米お籠り』古い町並み雪の景色と貸切伝統的建造物に貸切安心ステイ高山市伝統的建造物を和モダンにリノベーション  The 100-year-old two-story wooden house, cultural heritage of Central Takayama Japan was renovated. 一棟貸切8名まで  Up to 8 people can stay for one house rental. Kitchen, Bath room, Living &Dining with crafted furniture, two Bed Room(Tatami & Futon).【Free WiFi, Japanese Garden】 古い町並み、宮川朝市 徒歩数分  A Few minute walk to the morning market and old rows of houses. The owners, Shiori & Euc can communicate in English very well. We are waiting for you with best warmly hospitality.

山宿 ひるがの高原ログコテージ 1日1組限定の宿。
I-indlu eyakhiwe ngamapulangwe ephelele · Izivakashi ezingu- 10 · imibhede engu-0 · Igumbi lokugezela elilodwa

山宿 ひるがの高原ログコテージ 1日1組限定の宿。郡上市高鷲町ひるがのにある1日1組限定の貸別荘です。 GoToトラベル対象施設になります。 他のお客様にに気兼ねなく,自分の別荘のようなのんびりとした時間を、気の合う仲間や大切なご家族とお過ごしください. 夏は屋根付き無料バーベキュースペース(コンロ付き)も御座いますのでご利用ください。  (11月20日~3月末までBBQスペースはご利用できません。) 部屋はかなり広く、小さなお子様が走り回っても平気なサイズです。  宿泊料金は4名様基本料金 平日 日・月・火・水・木 20,000円 休前日(金・土・祝前日)24,000円 年末年始・GW・お盆 36,000円 5名様~最大10名様、お一人追加毎に(小学生~)3000円増し 宿泊しない方の立ち入りは利用料として、お一人毎に3000円 乳幼児は無料 冬季(11月~3月)は暖房費として、3000円/泊加算【すでに料金に加算してあります。】 ◆手数料別です。 もっと詳しく知りたい方はホームページまで  http://山宿.net/

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  1. I-ikhaya eliyindawo yokuhlala ephelele
  2. 高山市天満町5丁目
Near by 高山 Station with "Open -air bath" "Digging”
U-$149 ubusuku ngabunye
  1. Iqhugwane
  2. Takayama
Renovated century old house rent flat fee up to 4p
U-$155 ubusuku ngabunye
  1. Iqhugwane
  2. Takayama
U-$77 ubusuku ngabunye
  1. I-i-townhouse ephelele
  2. Takayama-shi
TERIYAKI HOTEL Gifts to repeat customers!
U-$136 ubusuku ngabunye
  1. I-ikhaya eliyindawo yokuhlala ephelele
  2. Takayama-shi
Guest House JINYA Rent a house vacation rental
U-$69 ubusuku ngabunye
Azikho izibuyekezo okwamanje
  1. Iqhugwane
  2. Takayama
百 HAKU 〜 100年の時を越えて生まれ変わった板倉ヴィラ 〜
U-$227 ubusuku ngabunye
  1. I-ikhaya eliyindawo yokuhlala ephelele
  2. Takayama
Anemone(New open)Large traditional Japanese house!
U-$94 ubusuku ngabunye
  1. I-ikhaya eliyindawo yokuhlala ephelele
  2. Takayama
TAKANOYU-Hanare , Historical garden in the window!
U-$65 ubusuku ngabunye
  1. I-ikhaya eliyindawo yokuhlala ephelele
  2. 高山市
JapaneseModernHouse 5ppl Open-airbath! Sakurayama
U-$99 ubusuku ngabunye
  1. Ikamelo
  2. 下呂市
A small village with a clear stream
U-$364 ubusuku ngabunye
  1. I-ranch
  2. Takayama-shi
U-$42 ubusuku ngabunye
  1. I-ikhaya eliyindawo yokuhlala ephelele
  2. Takayama
Michi ◇99m² 7min to Sta. Parking lot, No-smoking ◇
U-$110 ubusuku ngabunye

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Unique activities hosted by local experts vetted for quality

  • 150年の歴史ある茶室で本格的茶道 抹茶
    First you choose your favorite green tea bowl, and go to the tea room, which will pass from the Edo period. After having ordered the Japanese sweets of the pre-ordered order and drunk Matcha that Muneo can sing, you can also drink it by myself. まず好きな抹茶碗をお選びいただき、江戸時代から伝わる茶室へ。予約注文のの和菓子をおめしあがりいただき、宗友が点てる抹茶を飲まれた後、ご自分でも点ててお飲みいただきます。 その他の留意事項 予約が必要な和菓子と抹茶を提供いたします。
    Kusuka ku- Inani:$28 / umuntu
  • “Be a Local” Izakaya Hop Tour
    Meet me in front of Starbucks in Tokyu Square (very close to many major sights of interests). We will go explore the biggest night town in Kanazawa! I will show you three different areas all loved by locals. Start from the crowded area and then go to the narrow streets where the real locals go. I will introduce you to a couple of izakaya bars which you would never find if you are by yourself!! I will help you communicate with the owner and other customers! And then I can make a few recommendations if you would like to try another place. Other things to note The price does not include food or drinks but I will introduce you to some of the local favorites that you can choose from! (Please pay for the guide's drink and food too. Normally about 1000 yen per bar)
    Kusuka ku- Inani:$69 / umuntu
  • Discover Japan & Nagoya in a Kimono
    Wear a kimono and take a stroll through the wonderful cityscape of Nagoya! You can monopolize the marvelous sites of the city. Please make a reservation for the date and time you want. Visit "Cockney Kimono" on the day of your reservation. Flow at the store: 1) When you arrive at the store, please choose your favorite kimono and obi (belt). If you are not sure which obi best matches your chosen kimono, please consult the staff. We will help choose the best obi for it. 2) Once the kimono and obi are selected, choose a style of how you want your obi tied. Decorate your kimono and obi with your favorite scarf or brooch. Cute charms and obi-age (Japanese scarfs) are available at the store. Create your own unique obi by yourself. 3) Once you have decided how to tie the kimono and obi, you can start the kimono wearing experience. Learn Japanese wardrobe history, Japanese culture, and Nagoya culture during the dressing experience. You can learn such things as: *The importance of "wabisabi" when wearing a kimono *The difference between a kimono and a yukata *The orientation and meaning of the collar *Japanese "obon" festival *What is unique to Nagoya. Kimono rental is until 17:00 (5:00 PM). * Until 15:00 (3:00 PM) depending on the day of the reservation. Other things to note Children's kimonos are also available. Please contact us if you have children under 140cm. Please tell us your gender, age, height, and hip size while booking. We may not be able to take reservations for hip sizes over 150cm. 【Options】 Hair set + ¥ 3,300 Taiko+¥500
    Kusuka ku- Inani:$66 / umuntu
  • Tea ceremony / calligraphy experience
    What you can experience at the "Chonoya". 1.If you have a basic knowledge about history, your understanding of Japanese culture will be deeper. You will listen to commentary for about 15 minutes with an easy-to-understand slide show about Nagoya in the Sengoku period. 2.Calligraphy Experience : Drip some water on the inkstone and rub down an ink-stick slowly. You will concentrate with the unique smell of the ink in the quiet atmosphere. After learning the basics of Japanese calligraphy such as how to hold and move the brush, you will gradually learn how to write sensuously while writing letters on rice papers. You will select symbols with your favorite meaning and designs among samples. Please write freely with your own sensitivity and write lots to practice. 3.Tea Ceremony Experience : We will explain about the tea room setting and utensils in English. First, please try the Matcha tea as a guest which is served by the host. As we provide the manual of the tea ceremony manner in English, you can just follow it. When you get used to the atmosphere, let’s try to serve tea yourself. Calm your mind and feel the nostalgia of 400 years of history and reach the spirit of tea ceremony. Other things to note Please let us know in advance if you have any allergies.
    Kusuka ku- Inani:$151 / umuntu
  • 器の修理、日本の伝統技術でもある金継ぎを学ぼう
    お車でお越しのお客様は、会場となる山岳マルシェで集合いたします。 電車でお越しのお客様は、小諸駅までお迎えに行きます。 本漆を使った金継ぎの体験をしていただきます。(2時間) 1つの器を1日で金継ぎすることはできないので、各工程をそれぞれ異なる器で体験していただき、その日の完成品も持ち帰ることができないため、あらかじめ私が完成させておいた器の中からお好きなものを1つお持ち帰りいただく、という概要です。 詳細な流れについては、以下の通りです。 1、パテを使い、器の欠けを埋める作業をします。 2、パテで埋めてある器を、綺麗に磨く作業をします。 3、漆を塗って、金粉や銀粉を蒔いて仕上げます。 4、割れた器を漆を使って接着する作業をします。 5、既に出来上がった完成品の中から、お好きなものを1つ選んでいただき、お土産にしていただきます。 日本の伝統的な技術である金継ぎは、日本のみならず海外でも昨今注目されています。 金継ぎを通して、日本独特の「わびさび」や「もったいない」の文化をお伝えできればと思っております。 その他の留意事項 漆にかぶれやすい方、漆にかぶれた経験のある方、小さいお子さまにはお勧めできません。
    Kusuka ku- Inani:$37 / umuntu

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