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Homestead Tour with Goats through the Woods
**Spring and Winter hikes** Check the weather! Bring your mudboots and warm attire if needed. We might be hiking through snow and/or mud! Every morning at 10 am our goat herd is released from their over night paddock to forage through our wooded dune lands. The farm is surrounded by the county’s recreational public Manistee forest with hundreds of acres of pure Michigan nature along beautiful sandy hiking trails. Guests begin the hike at the rendezvous goat barn with the goats. Here is where our goats can be pet and introduced, starting the hour long easy walking trail hike. During this gentle jaunt through the woods our guests will get to know our friendly goats by being able to hand feed treats, learn what shrubs are the goats’ favorite forage, and have any extra belongings (such as a water bottle) be panniered by our goats. Although this experience is routinely beginning every morning, sometimes we can flexibly arrange our goat hikes to start at anytime from 8am till noon. Our hike does wind in and off of our farm property as well so our guests will be given stories of farm life and all the ins and outs of what it takes to raise these wonderful creatures.
Polish Culture Workshop with Pierogi Dinner
If you dont see a time frame that works for you please contact me to arrange that. This workshop is addressed to adults to learn and expend their knowledge of Polish history and culture. The course is also a perfect opportunity to gain more understanding of your Polish heritage or prepare you for a visit in Poland. As a Poland native born, I will take you on a tour what my country looks like today and share many stories about its history, events and people that shaped it in the past 100 years. Starting with a short language lesson, I will teach you few Polish greetings and how to introduce yourself in my native tongue. I will then cover Polish geography, climate and interesting facts. I will spend some time talking about Polish history, World War II, Solidarity movement and changes that took place in Poland in 1989 and helped the country flourish and transition to democracy. Moving on, we will learn about Polish traditions and I will show you a video of my brother’s wedding from Kielce, Poland. There are 16 National Holidays in Poland, and I will talk about my favorite, the All Saints Day. At the end, I will invite you to try my mom’s famous pierogi and share the recipe how to make them. Come join me to discover your roots, learn about Poland, and gain an appreciation for the rich tradition and culture of the Polish people!
Dance with Clay - Heart of Madison
***Masks are still required at this time, safety first! Due to COVID, we are not offering drinks or snacks at this time, the price has been adjusted! *** We will begin your experience with a short demonstration of making a Bowl or Cup. After the demo, you will have time to practice and try out a few forms on the wheel. Of course, we hope to provide a casual experience for the guests. Our studio instructors will make sure you get the help you need on the wheel! Please note that you won’t be able to keep what you make due to the lengthy process involved in a completed product. Other things to note *We highly advise trimming your nails prior to the course! *Clay is a non-staining material that washes out with ease. *All classes will be taught by our experienced instructors. *We have two locations, this experience takes place at 1925 Monroe ST, Madison, WI. We have two locations, this experience takes place at the lower level of 1925 Monroe St. Madison, WI. We are located right below a retail store called GOOD Day SHOP and share a hallway with A Dead Anchor Tattoo & Body Piercing.
Cap'n Moe River cruise, minimum four guests
We leave from The Cooperage Building, 820 S. Water St,which has free parking adjacent to our docks and will spend 90 minutes on the Duffy boat. Iced coolers on board for you to bring refreshments and snacks. Boone and Crocket and their new outdoor patio for drinks post cruise, typically opens by 3pm. We will then head out and explore four sections of the Milwaukee River that include the Harbor District, The Hoan Bridge where the Milwaukee River flows in the Lake Michigan, the Third Ward, and the Downtown corridor. Once we see Lakefront Brewing, which marks the end of the downtown corridor, we will and loop back to the Cooperage Docks. The Milwaukee River is bustling with activity, kayakers, large tour boats, pleasure boats, and bridges which open and close several times along the way. Other things to note The Duffy Boat is covered and has zipped windows for comfort. We can be in 50 degree weather and still be cozy. I suggested shoes that you’d wear on a boat, flat shoe or sandal.
An authentic Indian culinary experience
Experience the joy of making authentic Indian food with us, knowing the secrets behind how simple it is to make Indian food. We will help you understand the basics of Indian cuisine, right from knowing the key ingredients to cooking a few mouth watering dishes from the heart of India. Me and my wife, both come from Rajasthan, the state known for its rich variety of culinary experiences, we try to bring a glimpse of that to this experience. About the Experience- We have a menu to select the dishes you would like to experience cooking. We will help you choose from the menu, based on your taste and dietary preferences. (If you have allergies, please let us know, Indian cooking is so versatile that it will be super easy to incorporate those) You join us at the scheduled time, we present you with a welcome drink. We go over the ingredients, and a few basics about Indian cooking. We spend the next hour or so cooking, understanding each step, with actual hands-on experience. Followed by enjoying a meal together, family style. We will also cook a few suggested accompaniments (rice or breads) to compliment the dishes we choose. You are free to take notes, pictures all through the experience to make it an everlasting memory!! If the date you are looking for is not available, please contact me, I'll try my best to accommodate your requested schedule.
Beautiful Guided Tubing Water Adventure
This is approximately a two+ hour guided water adventure set with a beautiful backdrop. No experience necessary. You will experience small rapids and beautiful scenery. Dress to enjoy the water and sun. Directions will be shared in regards to our local meeting spot. The tubing equipment will be brought to you along with a bottle of water. If you have a preferred beverage, bring it along (1-2 per guest) and we will provide cooler space. No glass bottles please. Note: Dress for water and sun. Water shoes highly recommended.
Explore Limitless Adventures on an E-Bike in Marquette
My guest will be riding ebikes throughout Marquette. Ride around Presque Isle on ebike friendly trails. From there you can ride out to the Welcome Center in Harvey. Ride past the Ore Docks, lighthouses and grab food or drink in downtown Marquette on third street. Sightsee without breaking the bank or a sweat. Cruise with minimal effort or crank it up and ride at 20 mph.
Wild Edible Plants and mushrooms
We will meet at a local coffee shop and then caravan to take a hike at a nearby trail. We will hike for 2 hours and gather plants and mushrooms that are out when you visit, and I'll teach you about their biology and what can be done with them. Any questions you have I will either answer on the trail or follow up afterwards. This experience is focused for those who are beginner or intermediate with foraging and herbalism. Each season has different flora and fungi out, and specifics of what can be found depend on the specific weather each year and week. Generally, this is what will be found throughout the growing season. -mid-May: early June: spring greens, herbs and a few mushrooms -mid-June-mid-July: berries, herbs and a few mushrooms -mid-July-mid-August: berries, herbs and many edible mushrooms picking up with some rain -mid-August-mid-September: great time for a variety of edible and other mushrooms (with good rains), herbs
Tarot on the Lake
We will do a meditation to center, discuss your needs, and then do a 30 minute reading per participant. The reading will bring clarity with spirit providing both predictive and prescriptive solutions. Review of participant: Suzanne is a gifted medium who instantly tapped into a meaningful connection. Steele eased my first-time jitters with her kindness, taking her time, finding deeper guidance than I ever expected from a single reading. I found her reading possessed spot-on relevance and I felt her presence was warm, inviting, full of light and encouragement. I highly recommend her experience to anyone seeking higher guidance in any aspect of life, whether you've had prior readings with other mediums or if this is your first experience. I will definitely continue working with Suzanne because she exudes generosity of spirit and compassion beyond measure. Her reading was a pleasure, something I wish to experience again. Jenn Diamond
Wild Mushroom Foraging
Interested in learning about and foraging for wild mushrooms? As a certified Wild Mushroom Expert, I will lead you on a two hour mushroom foraging adventure on our 14 acre off-grid, small-scale farm. We will enjoy a nice walk in the woods (with 100-year old trees!) to check out known growing sites for both medicinal and edible species. During this experience you will learn basic mushroom identification characteristics, typical habitat features, and when to expect certain mushrooms to be growing. We will also discuss ways to prepare, preserve, and use the wild mushrooms.
Meet the Farm Babies of Heart and Soil Ridge
Cuddle a baby goat, hold a tiny chick in your hand, scratch a piglet, or watch a mother cow care for her calf. Cradle tiny Labrador puppies, or pet a baby kitten as it purrs. Perhaps even witness the miracle of a baby being born! Experiencing the innocence and beauty of baby animals on the farm is an unforgettable experience that reminds us of innocence, new beginnings, and respect for life around us. And, they are just plain adorable. Join us on the farm as we welcome in a new round of babies this year! We will start our time orienting you to the farm and offering a brief overview of how we use regenerative farming practices to better our farm, our lives, and our environment. As we move through the different classes of livestock we have on the farm, you’ll have ample time to connect with or hold the babies, take photos, and learn about that particular animal’s experience on our farm. Each animal is unique, and you will enjoy meeting the pigs, goats, chickens, puppies, kittens, and cows that call Heart and Soil Ridge their home. Some of our babies spend their first days in the barn, and others in the fields. Come ready to take a short hike out to the pastures to see those frolicking in the fields. We are here to answer questions, tell stories of our experiences with the animals, and allow you room to explore the new life we have here.
Backyard Beekeeping
Before you put your beekeeping veil on, we'll first review the workings of a honey bee colony and the basics of backyard beekeeping. We'll discuss equipment, safety precautions for working around a hive, and steps you can take to prepare your own yard for beekeeping. You will then have the opportunity to experience and photograph a honey bee hive inspection. All activities will take place outdoors. Other things to note: Honey bees are sensitive to how people behave. Please bring a calm and curious attitude.
The amazing alpaca- interactive learning for all ages
You will be warmly welcomed to our beautiful alpaca farm, currently home to over 20 Huacaya (wuh-KAI-ya) alpacas. You will learn about this beautiful, curious animal which we raise for their incredibly soft fiber. This fiber is processed into soft and luxurious yarn which is sold in our store. This hands-on experience includes interactions with the animals, feeding and if you are lucky, alpaca kisses! You will then have the opportunity to walk an alpaca on a 1/2-mile trail on the farm. There will be many opportunities for selfies with the alpacas. Depending on the time of your visit, you may even see alpaca babies (cria). While on the farm, you may also visit with and feed chickens. Following the animal visit, you will enter the farm store where you will learn more about alpaca fiber, processing and products. The farm store offers a wonderful selection of yarn, alpaca socks, hats, scarves and many gift items for purchase. The farm is also home to the Homestead Blacksmith shop where you may view demonstrations by Mark Grimes and learn about how to attend future classes. Check out the "Introduction to the Forge- Beginning Blacksmithing" experience for more details. Don't see a date that works for you? Please contact us with your request!
Northwoods Guided Mushroom Walk
I will meet you at a predetermined location near bayfield. We will hike different types of forests to find various edible, beautiful, or interesting mushrooms. Learning how to identify them along the way. Guests will be able to keep large amounts of choice edible mushrooms (depending on season you will have better chances at this) and will learn about many different plants, animals and of course mushrooms. I will provide snacks for a break and then we will return to your rental, hopefully weighed down with chanterelles, black trumpets, hen of the woods and many many more. Other things to note The best time for finding edible mushrooms will be July through late October. However, there are interesting things to find all summer long and I can tailor our walk to your interests. Guests should dress for hiking and bring a basket to fill!
Milwaukee Secret Food Tour
On our Secret Food Tour: Milwaukee, let our experienced local guides lead you through the city's central neighborhoods along the Milwaukee river. Depending on season we may use the Milwaukee Skywalk, a 1.75 mile all-seasons artery that connects a wealth of the city's Landmarks and neighborhoods. The journey begins with a beer battered fish fry, a Wisconsin staple, before heading off to indulge in locally produced sausages made using traditional 19th-century recipes. We top things off with famous Wisconsin cheese curds and our delicious secret dessert.